Thermal Bridging Playbook

The Owens Corning Thermal Bridging Playbook highlights how insulation can be used more effectively on projects, with a focus on achieving high levels of thermal performance and balancing a multitude of objectives.

The playbook provides examples of the process that is necessary to arrive at optimal solutions from a holistic perspective for large commercial and residential (Part 3) buildings in Canada.

This website integrates with Thermal Envelope so that the examples can be explored interactively on the platform and connects with other related resources.


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Owens Corning and Thermal Envelope

The Thermal Bridging Playbook is integrated with Thermal Envelope. Thermal Envelope is a web-based platform designed to showcase how to mitigate the impact of thermal bridging , and designed to make thermal bridging calculations require less effort, be more consistent, and be more transparent in practice.

Thermal Envelope helps users evaluate the full impact of thermal bridging and target solutions for mitigation.

It includes:

  • an extensive database that is essential in supporting requirements for thermal transmittance calculations in energy codes and standards;
  • search and compare features that make it easier to find the right data;
  • tools to help extrapolate generic data to project specific scenarios;
  • an integrated thermal calculator;
  • collaboration tools to encourage broad participation amongst design teams and industry stakeholders;
  • automated compliance documentation; and
  • guidance and educational resources.

Integration Highlights

Thermal Envelope Database

The Thermal Envelope database includes many details and assemblies that include Owens Corning building products. This product specific data is available for reference and thermal bridging calculations on Thermal Envelope

Explore Owens Corning details

Example Calculations From Thermal Bridging Playbook On Thermal Envelope

Explore the examples in the Thermal Bridging Playbook in more detail using Thermal Envelope by importing a new collection into your personal Thermal Envelope account. The new customized collection includes all the BETB data and result sheets that were used in the calculations, the quantity take-off for the example building, and all the scenarios outlined in the playbook. Use this collection as additional reference to the playbook or a starting point for your next project.

Import the Thermal Bridging Playbook Example Building

Printable data sheets

Download all the BETB data and result sheets from Thermal Envelope that include Owens Corning building products for browsing or printing.

Download all data sheets