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Topics Covered in the Seminars,
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Seminar #1

Principles of Acoustics

  • Basic principles of acoustics (airborne structure-borne and impact noises)
  • Acoustical solutions and STC ratings of common wall and floor assemblies
  • New minimum ASTC 47 requirement in NBCC 2015 for separating assemblies between dwelling units
  • Types and impact of acoustic insulations on STC and ASTC
  • Fire resistance designs and ratings of common wall and floor assemblies
  • Design tools and references for acoustic and fire separations

Seminar #2

Addressing Thermal Bridging in Exterior Wall Assemblies

  • New energy code requirements and path toward mandatory zero energy ready for all new buildings by 2032
  • Impact of thermal bridges on assembly U value
  • Thermal bridge solutions
  • Thermal bridge design guides
  • New Owens Corning® Thermafiber® RainBarrier® ci High Compressive continuous mineral wool insulations
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