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Owens Corning ® Enclosure Solutions deliver one of the largest portfolios of commercial insulation products for walls, roofs, below grade foundations, interior spatial separations and fire containment systems. These solutions cover a range of construction types with customizable components you can select to fit the needs of your project. Best of all, they’re backed by the expert advisors and technical resources of Owens Corning. They’re solutions for you simplified.

Meet the Owens Corning Building Science Team

Topics Covered in the Seminars,
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Seminar #1

Principles of Acoustics

  • Basic principles of acoustics (airborne structure-borne and impact noises)
  • Acoustical solutions and STC ratings of common wall and floor assemblies
  • New minimum ASTC 47 requirement in NBCC 2015 for separating assemblies between dwelling units
  • Types and impact of acoustic insulations on STC and ASTC
  • Fire resistance designs and ratings of common wall and floor assemblies
  • Design tools and references for acoustic and fire separations

Seminar #2

Addressing Thermal Bridging in Exterior Wall Assemblies

  • New energy code requirements and path toward mandatory zero energy ready for all new buildings by 2032
  • Impact of thermal bridges on assembly U value
  • Thermal bridge solutions
  • Thermal bridge design guides
  • New Owens Corning® Thermafiber® RainBarrier® ci High Compressive mineral wool insulations
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